Retro Panasonic SD-84 phonograph turntable stereo record player

Retro Panasonic model SD-84 AM / FM Stereo Music Center with turntable (including the adapter for playing 45s) for restoration or parts. This stereo still has the original -FET field effect transistor- sticker on the front panel.

It measures about 16.5" long, 11" wide and 7 5/8" high. It was made to play 78s, 45s, 33s and 16 rpm records.

This unit does not power up and so we're selling it for repair or parts. It is in nice cosmetic condition with just some minor wear and light scratching. There is also a smear of paint to the middle of the top bar of the chrome rim (shows in the first two photos).

This just does not power up when we plug it in and so we think it is probably something simple to fix (like a blown fuse or a loose connection), but we're selling it for repairs or parts.

Item No. k46500